Immediate Loading with Noris Tuff TT

clinical case
Surgery by Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS

Clinical Case:

“Immediate Loading with Noris Tuff TT”

Surgery by Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS


The patient, a nice lady of 84 years old with controlled diabetes (borderline for surgery – glycated hemoglobin 8,2% but perfect blood analysis), has 2 old implants at the right lower jaw that I wanted to keep.

So I decided to insert only 4 implants in #43, #32, #34, #36 position using the old mobile prosthesis as an analogical guide, putting some composite underneath to sign the mucosa. After the initial drill then I’ve controlled the bone site with a mini flap and finalized with the implant kit drills, to minimize the surgical trauma for the patient.

The bone quality was very low (D4) in the #36 position and D2/D3 on the other sites, but I’ve reached a good insertion torque on every implant (>30N on the worst at position #36).

Every implant had an immediate Multi-Unit Abutment and a temporary cylinder to transform the old mobile prosthesis into fixed screws temporary prosthesis.



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